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Best Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

Whether you are a newbie to the vegan brigade or in Melbourne for a few days, trying to find best vegan restaurants Melbourne, where you can eat with confidence, Aagaman best fine dining in Melbourne, has the most extensive menu of Indian and Nepalese vegan dishes. In fact, we have a team of chefs specifically trained to prepare vegan food.

Aagaman the Place among top Vegan Restaurants Melbourne

Aagaman is the place where your favourite vegan and raw food goodies meet in Melbourne, where vegan desserts take the centre stage. It’s a place which gets you excited, you tell your friends about, where the food is so good that it makes you take out your iPhone and take a snap, and, most of all, where you can start your vegetarian eating-out journey, confidently.

Whether you’re after a vegan brunch on a lazy Sunday, or just looking for a sweet, savoury, and cute vegan places to eat out, Aagaman won’t let you down. Aagaman is a the place for a consistently delicious meal, and it’s massive interior makes it an cool choice for eleventh hour dining if you have many people to feed.

Aagaman is the place to dine-in when you want to go somewhere with a group of friends who love Nepalese and Indian food but have different culinary choices.

Vegan Food

Without saying, items on our vegan menu are deprived of any sort of meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Our vegetarian food is usually rich in ingredients like grains, beans, pulses, vegetables and fruitlets and the almost infinite number of foods made by combining them.

We also use vegan cream, vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise in our vegan food items. Rather than milk we use soy milk. In addition, we extensively use coconut milk in our curries.

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