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Best Nepalese Catering in Melbourne

Nepalese Catering Melbourne

Delight your taste buds with our delicious Nepalese food. Aagaman is the best restaurants in Melbourne that gives you a flavour of the Himalayan Mountains with dishes that are originated in Nepal itself. Nepalese cuisine is evolved from the fusion of Nepalese culture, its geography and vegetation. Our food reflects a beautiful mixture of Nepalese, Chinese, Tibetan and Indian cuisines and can be called a hybrid of all.

Our food menu is comprised of all kinds of Nepalese dishes with a relishing taste. We serve both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in a good variety. Our Nepalese cuisine in Melbourne covers full meal, from starters to desserts with drinks also. Nepalese food with a touch of liquor can feed you great joy. Aagaman’s enchanting surroundings will enhance your taste of Nepalese food and give you a real feel of Nepal. Here you can also enjoy a beer that is brewed in Nepal, named Nepal Ice.

Aagaman delivers a great environment to let you spend your valuable time with your loved ones, while enjoying food and drinks. Our chef Ram Prasad has a deep knowledge about Nepalese food and improvised many dishes. Taste our food by making a visit or order online.

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