Grilled salmon on a bed of bhaji served with fresh salad — $13.90

Tandoori chicken, cukoni potato salad, served with golbheda ko achar — $12.90

The perfect fusion of indian and nepalese flavours, signature indian
tandoori chicken with savoury potato and tomato based nepalese

Kallu calalmari, mixed salad leaves, tomato, cucumber, honey red wine vinegar, olive oil dressing — $13.90

Tandoori Pork ribs with a sub-continental twist served with peas polau, tangy tamarind sauce –$12.90

Chowpari chow mein — $9.90

Wok tossed nepalese noodles with your choice of
meat/ veg /seafood. for meat $2, for seafood $3.00

Kurkura chicken, placed on a bed of masala
chips, side beans porial — $12.90

Chicken momos — $9.90

Nepal’s most popular dish, dumplings filled with succulent chicken mince,
served with golbheda ko achar

Vegetarian thali — $11.90

Two veg. curries, basmati rice, salad and papadum.

Non-Vegetarian thali — $12.90

Two non-veg. curries, basmati rice, salad and papadum

Aagaman’s vegi burger — $11.90

Mashed chickpea and zucchini patty, burger, beetroot, mixed greens,
tomato and spanish onion.

Badmash lamb burger — $13.90

Juicy lamb mince, finely chopped ginger garlic, dill, coriander,
dusted with chickpea nepalese seasoning.

Amritsari fish — $12.90

Fish fillet coated in chickpea flour seasoned with indian spices, served
with thick cut chips.

Chukoni salad — $8.90

Lettuce, potatoes, cucumber, lemon juice, tempered with fenugreek
seeds and a hit turmeric.

Mumbai ghaspoos — $9.90

Beetroot, rocket, roasted pumpkin, almond, drizzled with
seseme oil and fresh orange squeeze

Ghar ka angan — $6.90

Tomato, cucumber, spanish onion, carrot and mixed leaves, fetta, olives,
shaved parmasen.


Bananna chips — $7.90

Wedges — $5.90