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An amalgam of Indian and Tibetan cuisines, Nepali food recipes are simple, elusive and nourishing. Lentils and rice are the foundation of the most Nepalese food; with basils, vegetables and meat adding a blend of renewed and smoky flavours. Meat is often soaked, grilled and attended in skewer form. A popular Nepali food famous in and near Melbourne, Thukpa is an energetic chicken noodle broth that originated from the north Himalaya. Another favourite of Melbournians, dumplings or momos are actually an outright Nepalese favourite; they are served as an entrée or main-course.

At Aagaman, we offer Nepalese cuisines that are Mouth-watering, have pleasant flavours, exceptional style and ultra-hygienic class. The distinctiveness of our Nepalese cuisine lies in the fact that it carries you to the customary and ethnic convergence of the Nepal and the India as both nations are linked through high rise and breathtaking Himalayas. The convergence has inspired the collective and the customary facets of both lands and the cuisines are no different!

Nepal has given the domain many delicious and absolutely Nepali food and Aagaman offers a wide range in Melbourne that comprises both vegetarian and non-vegetarian things. A restaurant known to offer the best taste of the Himalayas, Aagaman has a symbolic taste of the Subcontinent, particularly Nepal, for the food lovers in and around Melbourne. And with its amusing and classic traditions, it offers many delicious Nepali food dishes that no one can afford to slip.

The Best Nepalese Restaurant in Melbourne

Nepali recipes are not just restricted to Nepal but have prevalent existence in Nepalese restaurants around Australia, particularly in Melbourne. If you are travelling in Australia and are looking for a Nepalese restaurant in Melbourne, there is no need to look beyond Aagaman. Located in a well accessible place in Caulfield, Aagaman can easily reachable from most of the Melbourne. So step in our restaurant for the best range of Choylas, Chicken Bhutuwas, Sekuwas, Lamb, Momos and many more.


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