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Melbourne's Bespoke Indian Food Catering For Parties

indian food catering melbourne

In addition to serving the most loved food in the best Indian Nepalese restaurant in Melbourne, we also the best provider of best Indian catering services in Melbourne. In short, you rely on us whenever holding functions. Whether a family function, corporate event or a small part at your backyard, we cater to all no matter the event.

Aagaman Experienced Indian Food Catering In Melbourne

With many years of practise and a reputed Indian restaurant in Melbourne, we know Indian food and to an extent Indian food catering Melbourne inside-out. We have a team of experienced and trained chefs, some of whom have work across various Indian restaurants in and outside India. Not to mention our star chef Ram Sapkota, who’s known for his distinct clean flavoured curries and mastered tandoor.

When it comes to our best Indian catering services in Melbourne, the menus are exclusively put together by our clients although we are always content to give ideas. We relish spending time producing an unforgettable tasting experience for you, your family, and your guests.

Our food catering services are available for both indoor and outdoor functions. For the time you’re going to a far off place to have an warm function with your colleagues or want reliable Indian caterers for your wedding catering in Melbourne, we recognise that every occasion is exclusive for you.

With many using us for almost of their events, is a witness of the remarkable food and service that we offer. For us, no event is too large or trivial. Our prices will fit your budget, and we are here to make your occasion special one with our devoted team to take care of you.

Let us bring the best of Indian food at your event. Capture the fine flavours of curries or the rich aroma of Tandoor.

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