Top Three Nepalese Every Vegan Dish You Should Try Now!

Who says the vegan food is never delicious?
There is a general notion among many people that vegan diet is high in nutrients but low on taste.
Let us prick this bubble!
The vegan diet is highly nutritious since saturated fats are used. But, it can be equally delicious and tempting. Being one of the famous Nepalese vegan restaurants in Melbourne, we have perfected our recipes to make it appetising and flavoursome.
Here are some of the popular Nepalese recipes that a vegan can enjoy:

1. Pharsi ko tarkari
A heavenly delight for both vegetarians or vegans, this butternut preparation will captivate your senses. Butternut squash […]

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Top Three Indian Dishes That You Have To Try!

Indian food is one of the most popular options around the world. It doesn’t matter where you are, Indian food has its own delicate touches and tastes. It is something that can be eaten whenever you want it – lunch, snack or dinner. So with Indian food so easily accessible (thank you delivery man!), there’s even more of a reason to go out and try multiple dishes when it comes to deciding what to eat any night of the week.  We could easily name a thousand great Indian dishes, but let’s start with the best ones you should try tonight! […]

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