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Aagaman Best Indian Restaurants Melbourne

Aagaman is one of the nice Indian Nepali cuisine restaurants. The restaurant is located on the bustling Bay St in Port Melbourne. Aagaman arrives with a unique array of Indian and Nepalese delicacies created by chef Ram Sapkota,with distinct clean flavoured curries and mastered tandoor cooking. Designed truly for enjoyment of food and drinks over a conversation.

Aagaman is a Hindi word which means “Arrival”. The name here signifies the arrival of the restaurant as a steep start towards a food philosophy that is driven by a desire to present an eclectic and expansive Indian repertoire, bursting with flavours and originality, as a multi-sensory dining experience and a highly personal one.

The result is a vibrant, sophisticated place full of energy; it’s a place for gathering ,celebration, a place for business and pleasure.

Our Chef

Ram Prasad Sapkota

My passion for cooking has been nourished and inspired since my childhood, my mother has been the major source of motivation, who encouraged me to cook for the family at home and even at festive family gatherings. When friends and family would be appreciative of my cooking skills, I knew this ought to be my profession, because I realised my love for food and cooking gave me a profound sense of happiness.

Our Chef's Profile

Love for food came at a very young age for me growing up, I always imagined this to be something very magical, I enjoyed the time I spent with my mum in the kitchen as well as the profound sense of happiness I felt when creating new flavours and dishes out of ingredients that were both visible and invisible but felt on the taste buds. I can’t imagine what I would do apart from cooking; my kitchen at the restaurant is my workshop where I get immense pleasure and happiness from creating new dishes and recipes with different ingredients.

The base to my style would always be to use fresh, seasonal and organic products. I like to add a modern twist to classical dishes, which creates a fusion. I have tried my best to showcase my style with the menu at my new restaurant “aagaman” – a new beginning, not forgetting the classics, but infusing new cooking methods and trying to deliver a sublime experience for my patrons.

This I must say is a work in progress as I am constantly taking feedback from guests, customers, mentors and industry experts.

A blend of Indian and Tibetan influenced by Nepalese cuisine, which is simple, with subtle flavours, cooked to perfection and absolute no fuss is my broad mantra. I use aromatic herbs in lentils, rice dishes or curries with fresh vegetables or smoky meat, to try an incorporate a twist of Nepalese cuisine on the overall taste of the dish.

My greatest culinary inspiration would undoubtedly be my Mum, I have always revered her as an amazing cook with some excellent cooking techniques. She has been my motivation and inspiration with the journey so far.

With the experience gathered over the years, working long hours in the kitchen with different establishments over the past 13 years, the thought of owning and managing a restaurants business came naturally. I believe in treating customers as my personal guests, just like friends and family visiting home and I am always looking to exceed their expectations and give them a memorable experience.

Tandoori salmon, gulmeli lamb and Nepalese momo.

Dark chocolate samosa.

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